All employees at PCS are responsible for ensuring that the services delivered to exceed our customer’s expectations. From our hiring process and indoctrination into PCS’s culture to work evaluations and constant training, PCS is here to make sure every job gets done right and with a level of customer service that has no equal in our industry.

Our employees’ health and our customers’ personnel are the highest priority to everyone at PCS. Our employees go through a battery of tests during our orientation process. All employees have yearly physicals to ensure that they remain capable of meeting our customers’ expectations and the physical demands encountered on each transfer. We at PCS want to protect our customers’ interests and the trust they instill in us by ensuring that we provide capable and qualified licensed merchant mariners.

PCS’s employees adhere to OSHA, USCG, all facilities we enter, and our customers’ rules and regulations. We have and will continue to go above and beyond the regulatory agencies to impose more substantial restrictions on ourselves so that we are always out in front of our ever-changing industry. Our tankermen complete job safety analysis on each and every job, then they are forwarded to our customers. All of our employees not only have the authority but the obligation to use Stop Work to assure that each and every transfer is done safely and without incident.

Our Employees are trained in a multitude of security policies that ensure that not only they are safe and secure, but that our customer’s equipment and their customer’s products are secure. All tankermen adhere to each facility’s security and our customers’ security policies.

The management and employees of PCS are committed to protecting the environment. All of our employees are avid outdoorsmen, and we are dedicated to being good stewards of nature, wildlife, and the environment that God has provided for us.

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