Goal Zero

PCS’s management and employees are 100% committed to “Goal Zero- Zero Incidents, Zero Injuries and Zero Spills.”
We believe that if one job can be successfully completed in adherence to “Goal Zero” then all jobs can be done Incident, Injury and Spill free.
Here are a few of the programs that we have in place to help drive the result of “Goal Zero”

1.) JSA Program
All of our tankermen complete a hand written Job Safety Analysis, both before the work starts and approximately 2 hours before the work ends. We do this to raise awareness of the potential hazards that exist on every job. These JSA’s are forwarded to our customers for review and use in their audits.

2.) SWO – (Stop Work Obligation)
All of our tankermen have the right to use Stop Work Obligation. It is written several times in our policies and procedures. We believe that SWA is not only a right, but it is an obligation to be used whenever the need arises on any job.

4.) Quarterly Safety Meetings and Weekly Safety topics
We currently have quarterly safety meetings with all employees in an effort to raise and maintain a high safety awareness. We also publish weekly safety topics to all employees.