Welcome to Petro-Chem Services

We, at PCS, are fiercely committed to providing the best shore tankermen in the industry for our customer’s needs of transporting America’s Resources. We understand that our customers live in an ever changing world, and are devoted to leading the charge in evolving with industry needs and agency regulations/ guidelines.
We are different than any of the competition because of our dedication, not only to our external customers, but to our internal customers as well, our family members. We believe that our employees and their attitudes are our greatest asset. We strive to retain the happiest employees in the industry. We understand that having happy employees transfers into more efficient and better quality, of the job at hand. The opportunities ahead of us at PCS, will come as a result of our own hard work, attitude, loyalty and commitment to being honest and forthcoming.
We thank you for your interest in our company and look forward to developing a long lasting business relationship, built on trust, integrity, respect and customer service.
Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your business needs.

Customer Service

Here at PCS, we have a Customer Service Department that other companies may refer to as Dispatch/Logistics. The reason that we call this department “Customer Service,” is because it provides external customers with constant information about on-going work. This department also serves as the hub of activity for our internal customers (employees/family members), as well. All information relative to the operation of our business: from receiving a job, dispatching our tankermen, updating our customers with the status of on-going jobs and record keeping, to the successful completion of every transfer, channels through this department. The positive attitude and enthusiasm that starts with every member on our management team, flows through our Customer Service Supervisors to our customers and tankermen.
Give our 24-hour Customer Service Department a call at: (225) 791-1177 and let them show you how we have become the “Easy Button” for our customers.

Safety & Environmental


All employees at PCS are responsible for ensuring that the services delivered exceed our customer’s expectations. From our hiring process and indoctrination into PCS’s culture, to work evaluations and constant training; PCS is here to make sure every job gets done right and with a level of customer service that has no equal in our industry.


The health of our employees, along with our customers’ personnel is of the highest priority to everyone at PCS. Our employees go through a battery of tests when they are hired in for employment. All employees have yearly physicals to assure that they remain capable to meet our customers’ expectations and the physical demands that are encountered on each and every transfer. We at PCS, want to protect our customers’ interest and the trust that they instill in us by ensuring that we provide capable and qualified licensed merchant mariners at all times.


PCS’s employees adhere to OSHA, USCG, all facilities we enter and our customer’s rules and regulations. We have and will continue to go above and beyond the regulatory agencies to impose stronger restrictions on ourselves, so that we are always out in front of our ever changing industry. Our tankermen complete job safety analysis on each and every job that is then forwarded to our customers. All of our employees not only have the right, but the obligation to use Stop Work Authority to assure that each and every transfer is done safely and without incident.


Our Employees are trained in a barrage of security policies that ensure that not only they are safe and secure, but that our customer’s equipment and their customer’s products are secure. All tankermen adhere to each facility’s security, as well as, our customers’ security policies.


The management and employees of PCS are committed to protecting the environment. All of employees are avid outdoors men. We are dedicated to being good stewards of nature, wildlife and the environment that god has provided for all of us.

Goal Zero

PCS’s management and employees are 100% committed to “Goal Zero- Zero Incidents, Zero Injuries and Zero Spills.”
We believe that if one job can be successfully completed in adherence to “Goal Zero” then all jobs can be done Incident, Injury and Spill free.
Here are a few of the programs that we have in place to help drive the result of “Goal Zero”

1.) JSA Program
All of our tankermen complete a hand written Job Safety Analysis, both before the work starts and approximately 2 hours before the work ends. We do this to raise awareness of the potential hazards that exist on every job. These JSA’s are forwarded to our customers for review and use in their audits.

2.) SWA – (Stop Work Authority)
All of our tankermen have the right to use Stop Work Authority. It is written several times in our policies and procedures. We believe that SWA is not only a right, but it is an obligation to be used whenever the need arises on any job.

3.) Field Auditing Officer
We have a full-time designated auditor, whose sole purpose is to conduct different types of audits in the field. Some of the audits that are being performed are: PPE, Barge Inspections, Employees adherence to customers’ policies and procedures, Safety, Topping Off, Stripping procedures, Employees adherence to company policies and procedures, etc.

4.) Quarterly Safety Meetings and Weekly Safety topics
We currently have quarterly safety meetings with all employees in an effort to raise and maintain a high safety awareness. We also publish weekly safety topics to all employees.

5.) Intrinsically Safe/PTT Phones
All of our tankermen carry intrinsically safe/PTT phones. This provides our Customer Service Department the ability to maintain contact during every job and allows us to communicate the current status to our customers.